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Finding Your Ride


The Search

Start by selecting the main category of bike you are interested in. Road, mountain, or CX/Gravel.


Get Personal

Filter by riding style, budget, component level + more to narrow down your choices and find your next ride.


Find Local Retailers

Click a button and see who your closest retailers are. Check out their store page, give them a call, or send an enquiry.


Get Local Pricing

Let the store come to you. Get up to date pricing and availability as well as details of the added value your local stores have to offer.

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The perfect ride isn't just about the bike

The adventure, the mishaps, the friends and the banter all help make "the perfect ride"

Tell the World

Rider Reviews

Always fancied yourself as a bit of a bike reviewer? Here is your chance.  bikebeagle publishes mini-reviews from its members. You can even get yourself some exclusive swag only available to those riders who have published a review. Details can be found on our facebook and Instagram pages. 

Get Involved

Are you a blogger, freelance journo or an aspiring cycling media type? We are always on the lookout for great contributors as well as those who write a kick-ar5e blog that we can promote.  Do don’t be shy, we would love to hear from you.

Our contributors


Scott Travers - Trek Bicycle Store

Scott runs the Trek Bicycle Store in Hoppers.


Naomi Williams - Living Legend

Brings the boom to bikebeagle.


Ben Vlass - Professional Good Guy

Epitomises panache in every way and brings the style to bikebeagle.


Mark Travers - Founder - Cycling Evangelist

Finds himself mountain biking or road riding every chance he gets.


Margarita Williams - Change Manager - Rider

Riding with Margarita is always a blast as having fun is the #1 priority.


Ben Peach - Dirt Junkie

Peachy is 'that guy' who is always building, selling or modifying a bike.


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