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Are you a blogger, vlogger or an aspiring bike reviewer looking for a creative outlet? If you are, you are in the right place. bikebeagle is now looking for contributors far and wide. We are interested in freelance journos as well as folks just looking for cross-promotion opportunities. Basically, nothing is off the table. Ideally, you will be located on Earth and be able to write or speak well in English depending on your favourite medium, video or words. 

What are we looking for?

The content we are looking for will fall into one of three main categories. The first being some kind of riding adventure. This could be your local enduro mountain biking event or an epic road ride through some beautiful mountains. The content will tell a story and inspire other riders to go out and do inspiring things. Cycling is more than riding bikes, we all know that, so these articles and/or videos will aim to tell the whole story beyond the bike, location and tyre pressure... Are you feeling it?

The second category is the old faithful Review. Reviews of bikes and places to ride are definitely our favourites, but we are always open to ideas. So if you believe a 2,000-word essay on the current line-up of bar mounted bells is in order, well we are certainly open to hearing why we should consider it.

Last but not least; Place to Ride. While the first two topics kind of cover this off, we wanted to give this topic its dues. We love reading about places to ride, and love going to explore new places to ride, and we don't think we're alone. In many cases a "places to ride" piece does also end up being a review and/or riding adventure because it most cases a new place to ride is an adventure in itself.

What Next

Drop us a line outlining what you can bring to the table with an idea what you looking for in return. Oh and some examples of your work will be helpful so that we know what you're talking about. email us at:
email us at:  


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