Ali K

4 April, 2018 Journal

A bicycle lock made for two

 While to some cycling is all about frame weight and gearing ratios, engineering and geometry, to me cycling has always been a very human pursuit. From the highs of king of the mountain to the lows of a hunger flat, the thrust and parry of city commuting to the leisurely chit chat of a regular Sunday roll, riding is suffused with emotion and human interconnectedness.

Today I was unexpectedly delighted by an interaction that underscored these aspects of cycling: the simple act of sharing my bike lock. Arriving as I was chatting outside my building, my colleague was flustered and red faced. Forgot my lock! No trouble - let's lock together. We walked our bikes to the infrequently used racks in the rear alley and secured our bikes together. An unlikely pair, the gently curved bar of my lean 8 speed nestling against the battered child seat of his sturdy commuter. Riding up together in the lift we chatted about our commutes, our kids, our lives. And again later, a moment of camaraderie as we descended to uncouple our mounts and depart to our separate worlds.

As I rode out of that alleyway today, squeezing by the dumpster and dodging builder's detritus from the ongoing renovations, my heart was light and a smile touched my lips. That small opportunity to help was sweeter than any achievement in my work day. It reminded me again of how frequently cycling connects me and creates community. And how deliciously such simple pleasures as this should be savoured in our busy lives.

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