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16 November, 2017 Journal

Humans on Bikes

If you are on Facebook you are likely to have seen a series called "Humans of New York" This is the most followed Facebook page in the world. Well a friend of ours runs a facebook page from Sydney called Humans on Bikes.

Sarah and her family use bikes as their primary form of transport. And they do this in a city that many would argue is not well designed for cyclist. (I would be one of those people). But despite the hilly terrain, narrow streets and somewhat unrelenting traffic this family use a bike to get everywhere. Inspired by the Humans of New York page Sarah wanted to feature other humans and tell the riding story which is how the idea was hatched.

I would highly recommend Sarah's page if you like seeing the different ways that people integrate cycling into their life. As one of those riders who tend to focus on fitness and adventure, I find it refreshing to read about how bikes help people with their everyday lives. From getting an enormous surfboard down to the beach to taking the whole family and picnic paraphernalia down to the park for the day. Check it out:

Humans on Bikes

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