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Ben Vlass

16 April, 2018 Journal

The Blimp Has Landed – Goodyear Tyres

With Pirelli re-entering the bicycle tyre market mid last year with the road offering and Michelin, Maxxis and Continental already well established within the industry, it seems like we are due for another entrant into the crowded and highly competitive rubber market.

Goodyear has launched their range of tyres over the last week with no less than 70 options (treads, different widths, compounds and tech offerings) across road, commuting, gravel/adventure and mountain. Their deepest offering is in their mountain bike category with 4 tread patterns with multiple compounds and casing types, this appears to be where Goodyear sees the greatest return on investment. With Cross Country/Trail, Enduro and All Mountain/Downhill offerings ready at the initial release it will be interesting to see how they perform in real world situations.

Tyre Construction

Initially, there are two casing options at launch, what Goodyear are calling the Premium Line and Ultimate Line but there is no detail available on the exact threads per inch (TPI) at launch. Within each casing options there are a number of compounds available, as listed below, but not all options are available across the entire range and in all casings as there are MTB and Road specific compounds.

Premium Casing & Ultimate Casing Comparison

Dynamic Compounding

Multi-Density Tread Compounds

Dynamic:Silica4 – Formulated to maximize rolling efficiency while providing class-leading grip in wet conditions.

Dynamic:A/T –All-Terrain compound providing excellent rolling efficiency while maintaining a high-level grip to minimize power transfer loss.

Dynamic:R/T – Rugged-Terrain compound specifically formulated to balance grip, wear and efficiency.

Dynamic:RS/T – Rugged Soft-Terrain compounded formulated for maximum grip.

Dynamic:Pace60 –  Developed for multi-surface and off-road usage, with a focus on grip.

Dynamic:Pace70 – Formulated for on-road applications, with an emphasis on durability.

There are 3 construction methods that Goodyear employ in their tyres, a standard base construction, EN construction which adds additional support by utilising a 1.5-ply constructed casing increases sidewall layers by 50% to provide additional support while maintaining a supple feel. Finally, a DH construction which Goodyear claim to have the ultimate support and durability. This construction utilises a 2-ply casing increases sidewall toughness by 100%. This, along with a butyl insert, provides the ultimate in support and durability for DH applications.

Tyre Protection

Goodyear go a step further in providing puncture protection with 3 levels of sidewall protection, from “The Wall”, “The Shield” and R:Armour. 

“The Wall”
Running from bead to tread, the material in the :Wall layer offers a variety sidewall protection against tears and punctures. Even with the added layer of protection, supple ride characteristics are retained to ensure optimum performance.

R:Wall – A lightweight fabric layer found on our performance tyres.

A:Wall – A butyl layer located within the casing plies – A:Wall provides additional sidewall support.

F:Shield – The Force breaker belt gives the tyre that extra layer to improve puncture protection while maintaining optimal rolling characteristics.

K:Shield – A Kevlar® belt located under the tread provides the ultimate in lightweight puncture protection.

R:Armor: Goodyear’s lightweight Nylon Race fabric extends from bead to bead.

M:Wall – Durable Mono fabric, found throughout our Mountain range where cut and abrasion resistance is paramount.

“The Shield”
This is a layer of puncture protection located under the tyre’s tread cap. Tyres utilising The Shield belts offer excellent puncture protection while their sidewalls remain supple to ensure high performance.

Goodyear employs various fabric materials which are then formed with the casing to provide both cut and protection. They then select their fabrics based upon not only the size of the tyre but also the tyres’ intended use.
Finally for their commuting tyres they use an under the tread puncture protection system which Goodyear have called the S.Shell and Secure system. 

Shell Construction

The Shell system comes in 3 different thicknesses of a proprietary aramid-infused rubber which is exclusive to their Transit range of tyres.

S1:Shell – 1mm layer below the tread.

S5:Shell – 5mm layer below the tread.

S3:Shell – 3mm layer below the tread.

Finally Goodyear’s Transit tyres are available in their Secure level of protection - a combined sidewall armour and their toughest S5:Shell. This provides a class leading lightweight tyre with unsurpassed levels of protection, optimal for ensuring you get from point A to point B no matter the road conditions

Goodyear Tyre Range

Mountain – Peak

The Peak is Goodyear’s XC race tyre and uses their fastest rolling AT compound with a focus on fast and dry conditions. This tyre will only come in one width in both 27.5x2.25” and 29x2.25” in a couple of different casing and compound options. 

Mountain – Escape


The Escape is aimed as an all round trail tyre with slightly larger knobs and better spacing between knobs to all greater traction in loose conditions. Available in 27.5x2.35”, 27.5x2.6”, 29x2.35” and 29x2.6” across multiple compounds, casings and construction options.


Mountain – Newton

The Newton has the most options of any tyre in the Goodyear range and will come in multiple casings, compounds, construction and sizes. This tyre is designed to be the ultimate all round trial and enduro tyre with two sizes in 27.5” and 29”.

Mountain – Newton ST

There are some subtle differences between the Newton and Newton ST with the ST side knobs being supported more and a more spaced out rectangular tread pattern. You can choose from the EH or DH casing and 2 different compounds within these casings. Again these tyres come in both 27.5” and 29” wheel size in two widths each.

Gravel & Adventure – County


The County comes with a smooth centre tread boarded a file tread pattern with rectangular knobs on the side with will help with cornering traction. There is only one size available in 700x35c which comes in 2 compounds which are both tubeless compatible and have Goodyear’s R:Armour protection.


Gravel & Adventure – Connector

The Connector comes in a 700x40c width and its low tightly spaced knobs will make for a great multiple surface tyre for a range of adventure bikes and with that size comes comfort of higher air volume. As with The County the Connector is tubeless compatible and comes with R:Armour protection.

Road – Eagle All Season


There is only one offering in the Goodyear road range at launch, the aptly named Eagle All Season after their road going car tyre.

This isn’t a true ‘race’ tyre and is intended as a all rounder for the rider that doesn’t want to change tyres for training and racing. Coming 4 tyres sizes, 700x25c, 700x28c, 700x30c and 700x32c and only in Goodyear’s Dynamic Silica4 compound with all sizes also coming with their R:Armour puncture protection. All the tyres are tubeless compatible.

Commuting – Transit Speed


The Transit Speed is the tyre to choose when you want to win the commuter cup. Coming in a large range of sizes and compounds, casing and protection along with a tubeless compatible version. The sweetener is that both Transit tyres are rated to the E50 standard meaning the can be used on E-Bikes at up to 50km/h.


Commuting – Transit Tour

The Transit Tour is a long lasting touring tyre that can be used as a fantastic winter commuting tyre which comes with Goodyear’s highest level of puncture and sidewall protection with full reflective tape on the sidewalls for added visibility. Again this tyre is available in a full range of sizes from 27.5x2.00” to 700x50c and all are rated to the E50 standard. 

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